Cocoa 64-bit Intel (Intel macOS 10.10 - 10.15)

Download SilverCreator v2.0b6 (latest version)
  • New!!! Intel 64 Bit
  • Includes RuntimeCocoa. Compile for macOS
  • Now includes RuntimeWindows. This is why the ZIP is huge.
  • Bleeding edge release. Probably has bugs!
  • RuntimeCocoa is the basis for GM Cocoaizer which will also be coming soon.
  • Includes Simple Test Game and Pleasant Dreams examples. Relive the memories you should have had!
  • Intel only. Use v2.0b3.1 if you need PPC or older Mac OS X.

    Carbon 32-bit Universal (PowerPC & Intel OS X 10.4-10.14)

    Download SilverCreator v2.0b3.1 (stable version)
  • Does not support macOS 10.15.

    Version 1.6 PowerPC (OS X 10.3 and up)

    Download SilverCreator v1.6b3
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.3 or newer.
  • Supports compiling to Mac OS X 10.3 or newer.
  • Power Macintosh ONLY (download version above for Intel Macs)

    Version 1.5 (Classic, OS X 10.1.5 - 10.2.9)

    Download for Mac OS X
    Download for Mac OS 8.1 - 9.2.2

  • OS X version requires Mac OS X 10.1.5 or newer.
  • Classic version requires Mac OS 8.1 or newer.
  • Stuffit Expander 7 or newer required to expand.
  • Supports compiling to 68K, PPC, and OS X.